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"Animals give their lives to feed us, so it's on us to eat every part of them. It's a form of respect, and it's a better way to live than just treating meat as a disposable commodity." —Seamus Mullen, Chef


Brewfest Chick

On Saturday, my husband Ray had one of his lifelong wishes fulfilled. As he posted on Twitter:

My dream of being married to a hot brewfest chick comes true today. :D

I was lucky enough to see the call for a volunteer to pour at Geraghty's Fall Beer and Food Fest for Sly Fox, and I jumped on it, nailing the gig as the first person to respond. I was ecstatic, and a teeny bit nervous, because I had always been on the other side of the table at fests. But I love beer and can handle taps, so I knew I'd be good to go, and I was. It was awesome.

To read more about my little adventure, check out my post at Bathtub Brewery, the homebrew blog I keep with Ray. You won't be disappointed!

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