Animals quote

"Animals give their lives to feed us, so it's on us to eat every part of them. It's a form of respect, and it's a better way to live than just treating meat as a disposable commodity." —Seamus Mullen, Chef


Views of Buffalo's outskirts

Here are just a few panoramic photos I pulled together using the iPhone app AutoStitch. It's pretty snazzy, and easy to use, which is always a plus

This is Rach's backyard. Makes me want to find a place outside of Buffalo and settle down.

Taste in East Aurora. Possibly one of the coolest coffee/sandwich/baked good shops. If you order food, you receive a laminated card with a celebrity's name on it. Then when the food is ready, the counterhelp call out "Harrison Ford! Come on down!" Rach was Harrison (she had apple pie) and I was Catherine Zeta Jones (chocolate and peanut butter pate). Totally kitsch.

The waterfall at Glen Falls in Glen Park in Williamsville.

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